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>I understand world is not fair
>I believe that all people are created equal

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Why would you "but the dip" now even though weekly rsi is at 95

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and then you came into your cum sock and went back to sleep

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>I am 23 yo and it’s embarrassing to not have a car

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that's it? that was the dump?

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>MFW prophecy is true but it’s because the filler turbo-hyperinflates, and is worth about .025 of its current value

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>be 18
>working at the king of all burgers.
>love cleaning dining room because I hate drive thru
>everyone does.
>mop mop mop doobity doo, flip over the chairs on the tabley boo.
>final leg of task. Clean bathrooms.
>walk in to men’s room. Shit smell is present, nothing new.
>almost always people leave shit in the toilet at fast food joints never fails.
>something...is ....different this time.
>”requeum” playing as I push open stall door. Biggest shit I’ve ever seen. Brown and green.
>looks like an entire frat house shit out a full keg as one slimy egg.
>looks like a mammoth brain with its noddle like surface. Literally like a brain made of shit.
>I shit you not it mounded majestically over the invisible plane that would cut across the seat. >Someone had to hover over to finish, as it literally would have had the persons ass cheeks imprinted in it as the apex of it’s height reached over the seat.
>like someone fed 10 horses Arby’s for a week straight then backed them into the stall.
>tell bull dyke manager, as I gasped for sweet life giving oxygen in the kitchen, fire me if you want but I am not cleaning that.
>she calls me a pussy, matches into bathroom. Gags instantly and severely. She knows im right.
>MFW it was the women’s room.
>MFW this asshole fucking hesher that I hated had to put the grease gloves on (they go all the way up your arms), and break it up and piece by muddy piece put it in a trash bin.

It was literally 20 pounds or more of shit. Like

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You’ve been wrong for a long time and you still are. Brag about that some more. Everyone seems to really value your incredible insight

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I vacationed in California in October. Dan Diego county was awesome, but I love deserts.

LA made me near homicidal. I have NO FUCKING IDEA how you deal with that in a daily basis.

I’m from New England and we have fuckingbterrible drivers, but I’ll never complain again...and I’ll nevef visit LA unless I have a fucking private helicopter.

>90 minutes to travel 15 miles.

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Thanks just tethered 100k

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If I want a girl that sounds like she is being stabbed with knitting needles while I fuck her, I’ll just stab your mom with a fucking knitting needle tomorrow when I’m balls deep in her.

Also check em you fucking shitlord

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