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For the moment ETH is the only one with any major real adoption. But this shouldn’t be cause for them to rest on their laurels. If anything, this industry is proof positive of how drastically and quickly things can change
They shouldn’t be copying globo homo corps with this virtue signalling toxic shit. That defeats the entire point of crypto in the first place.

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Winner winner

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>In Evola's view, they physically and spiritually lack the imagination to even understand let alone agree with traditional thoughts
It is something completely alien to them
It’s why western liberals fundamentally misunderstand islam and are incapable of putting themselves in their mindsets even hypothetically.

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>Seems this sort of small disbanding of police also means that they are just centralizing and nationalizing police and para-militarizing country and essentially martial law forever
I suspect that the nature of this upheaval is such that the normies will now be begging for a police state to be implemented and the controllers will only be too happy to provide.

There will be no more room for dissent and punishment will be handed out severely and instantly in the future with no opportunity for recourse.

The slaves will be begging to be put in their cages by the time this is all through.

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