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that's the face of someone who buys something overpriced to try to compensate for something, quite possibly one very similar to mine because I still have a retardio bag to use holy shit

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I'm still waiting for the perfect memecoin in dextools to get me out of this suffering called not having a funny piece of shit coin to talk about with my friends

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I went with alts and AI stuff like agrs, I won't touch btc again until at least the end of the month ffs

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I'll still be happy if I can still make money with a funny bread like $load, I mean, what's more financially independent than making it little by little in the silliest way possible?

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I would like to enjoy fridays like before, having only one day off deteriorates my head a bit, at least there is money, I can hold BIGMIKE without starving, but god I want a vacation already.

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web3 is sometimes funny to me, people only remember it when they mention it, like when we mentioned how hard it was to run n64 games on pc, although SPX helps me to remember those days with all the 2008 aesthetics

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as long as you don't have student loans, otherwise it would have been the worst mistake of your life
I'm here because I needed something to pay for my shit, $CORN is useful but every day it's getting harder and harder to do anything

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get a job in sales
Simple as

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>women are still kids
>men are still kids who think they can be patrick bateman
I think the faggots were right, I'll settle for $HUSBANT's company, at least I'll have a woman who can cry properly under the snow

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it looks like a place where I would lose one of my senses just to go to the bathroom, I'd better stay at home playing duck race until I lose my sense of sight by my own hand

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is it still a good idea to teach a dog how to use a bat? how long would it take for it to turn against me?

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At least I'll screw myself and not take anyone with me like a pussy, if I have a personal hell down there for letting SHIBART make better art than the current one, then I have no regrets at all

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the day I make it will be a bittersweet day, I will have to sell all my SORA sushi and start living my life, constantly watching updates, charts and selling and buying is something that will be hard to stop doing after all these years

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VINU, just because the shit has been going on forever, I remember being amazed at the absence of the fees but not collapsing every 2 seconds calms me down

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if you have nothing at least concentrate on how to get money, it's easier to concentrate on jobs or studies like that, when I had to move and I was alone for a long time managing my money or even gambling a little on hamachi finance was a little easier, but still try to make friends OP, don't be a loser

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I'm just waiting to see the cum sock.
that or watch them fuck themselves, I've been thirsty for suffering since I sold my hami bags like an idiot because I thought the dump would be too hard

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I only like memecoins because I like dogs

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There never were, you just grew up and realized you were being scammed.

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my longings and desires lie in becoming the god of rent, I want to charge people to live in my dump, I want them to beg for a home, for memories and experiences, I want them to pay to literally live.

no one will take that away from me, if someone can abuse my ass constantly because I must pay to have 1 room and 1 kitchen then I will too, I don't care if I must invest in qom or some shitcoin, my goal is clear, I want to pay back the damage I have received.

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