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it just seems like a lot of these guys don't even trade and if they are investors they just did it at what could be a peak and what could be the middle part of the graph, if they're really invested they should stick to their investment and only worry about long term shit, but you're probably right telling them about short term snipes because with the amount of newfags present i doubt many of them have over 1000 trades a year to even document.

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>Gamestop will squeeze Friday!
>Trust the plan!
>Alright, we were wrong, but it'll squeeze Monday!
>Just keep HODLing!
>Uh, okay, it won't squeeze today, but it might later this week...O-Or next week!
>P-Please don't sell, I bought in at $300 thinking it would go to $1000 like reddit said, I don't want to lose my house!

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