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has anybody here actually used switch.ag? Im tryna switch 80$ but all im getting is 80$ in fees!

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on idex: click on cancel buy limit order, nothing happens. on top of that just glitchiness everywhere, is this the power of dex?

oh and here's a nice porn image, since thats all cumheads react to :)

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>We don’t drug test but my boss wants whoever this is gone.

Well that's the only way you're gonna be able to figure out who it was. No one is just gonna come out and admit to shooting speedball in the bathroom, and if you don't have an immediate suspect then they conceal it well enough to not be an obvious junkie. Drug test EVERYONE, and whoever pisses dirty for ANY SUBSTANCE should be fired immediately. If you don't make the test fair and equal, you open the company up to a lawsuit.

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What apps or programs do you guys use for tracking net worth? I downloaded Personal Capital and used it for like 10 minutes before deciding that having all my financial and bank information in the hands of one company was a bad idea.

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60% stonks
10% crypto
5% gold
5% silver

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That is hardly disheveled you incel faggot.

My only problem is she is too thin.

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Is a business degree worth investing in?

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Convince me not to

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Very debatable.

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We’re gonna make it faggots BTC 20K eoM

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Kek you have to be a pajeet

They aren't even trying to hide it these days

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Aw little baby. You need some of mommies milkies?

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hell yea
keep me updated with any other news

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how many link to suck on these milkers?

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I have 1k I need to make 2k-4k in a month. Can someone help me?

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>year is 2025
>President Chelsea Clinton has imported 1 million "Syrian" refugees, 1million Africans per year since her first term starting 2020, refugee welcome centers established all along the us mexican border to handle influx of 10million hispanics a year.
>ss and medicare taxes raised to 25% to pay for new citizens
>Unfunded pensions about to default, laws pass to tax private retirement funds like 401ks additional 25%.
>austerity laws passed to one time tax all us citizen bank/investment accounts 25% to fund the federal budget to pay for new citizens.
>you pull out all your bank/ivestment/retirement funds and put into privacy coins
>IRS sends you tax bill for not withholding tax
>they cant collect because all your funds are in crypto. Right guys?

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Fuck your boney brapper

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We're all going to make it.

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I'm so tired of making jews rich with hopes of retiring. Should I just stop contributions to my 401k and buy crypto instead? What if I have a employer match?

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