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Blessed, are the Linkies.
For they are truly tested.
For only they know a holy anguish.
For only they can be granted freedom.
For only their faith is righteous.
Praise Kek,
May our Lord grant his people mercy and guide them through the FUD.
May he bestow protection upon Sergey the Creator, solver of the Oracle.
May he grant shelter to AssBlaster, prophet of the Great Transfer.

Desperation to thee, who with weak hands, casts aside his stack.
Glory to those who hodl true, as they will be rewarded in this life and the next.
So it is written, so it shall be.

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the god protocol is the largest market on earth.
chainlink solves the god protocol.

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>signs in this simulation we live in.

how did you come to this conclusion, young neo? what gave it away?
life itself to me seems like it must be a creation of forces much greater than us for us to even exist

sim thread

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surely this cannot be a coincidence

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Here, have a rare Sergey, fren

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kanye will resurrect jesus

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How can one man get away with the most obvious exit scam ever?

If it wasn’t for biz this shitcoin would be under so much scrutiny rn. Sergey keeps dumping every time there is the smallest pump. This might be the most elaborate scam in crypto. Sergey and his disciples infiltrated biz to shill this token. It’s so obvious considering how many memes were spat out in 2017 in such a short amount of time.

I already sold above $3 but im back to just warn you guys after I saw his latest dump

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Fuck you jews I am NEVER selling my stinky linkys!

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remember to pray

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post the memeballs!

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The $1000 EOY meme is the greatest FUD of all time. On Dec 31 2018 we’re going to get a million posts ridiculing LINK holders for their foolishness. It will solidify LINK as a failure in the minds of NoLINKers and those with little faith, understanding or patience. They will sell and likely never touch it from then on. Meanwhile true believers will keep holding all the way to the fabled LamboLand™

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>Press f to spit on swift and Sergey
Behead those who insult prophet Sergey

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This dip is our Lord and Savior testing us. Hold strong and we will reach the promise land.

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I'm just a yung linky who wants hot chocolate by the fire. Will Smart Contracts, Oracles, and ChainLink become the buzzwords of 2018. EOY 1000 amirite

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