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>Don't get left holding
I will buy more desu if it dips below 7 dollars. Tankers are going to kick up for the rest of the year, to a small stack swing trader like me it is fine to suffer a loss for a day since it can't be helped and I can't day trade.

Kind of mean. I am trying my best you know, poorfags have to do what poorfags can do.

I know very well why it is pumping. I am heavy on oil, so basically I will win both ways.

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What do you even hedge with in this market hyper-pump? I don't know what to buy, shit is so high compared to yesterday that it all looks like bad buys.

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Nothing is beyond it anon. Nothing. Miracles do happen. Have faith, I cry whenever I think about my own and every other holder's waging life and how it feels to be chained to it. We are gonna make it. Just hold, please, for yourself and for everyone else trying their best.

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