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what are your favourite ETFs, /smg/?

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what's wrong anon? nnnno coom until you make it

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does anyone know where OPs pic is from?

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what sectors are you boys expecting to rally depending on which candidate ends up in the white house?

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Technology related to a profitable future investment opportunities are being developed.


What do you think /biz/, the future of precious metal extraction?

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what have you been accumulating, /biz/?

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whats the next 10x gem, /biz/?

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>tfw freelancer web dev
>tfw undercut my estimated hours so people don't just ghost me
>tfw working for free
So is this how it's gonna be?

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Give me ideas! I know how to program, but I've got nothing.
Every idea comes crashing down on "but why use bitcoin instead of fiat," so I'm hoping some of you have ideas that can go further.

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