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>found out about uni airdrop last week
>had two wallets and sold both for 16k
>put 16k yolo into 0.0001 OTC
>OTC pennystock rises up 500%

mfw about 100k already off nothing

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If you know how to trade, how to manage risk, how to manage your positions and you have huge iron balls then go for it. If you dont know what you are doing then dont bother trading.

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but it was going to go up forever. Only an idiot would have sodl and not hodl

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>sign up for welfare and gibs
>pretend to be slow and somewhat retarded
>of course don‘t get a job
>can sit at home and keep buying crypto with welfare gibsmedat
>doesn‘t matter now how many holes are in your cv

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Have you exchange-cucks actually tried binance ?
Lightyears ahead of the other exchanges.

Holding BNB gives you 50% trading rebate.
You can pay for trades in BNB.

Binance is Hong Kong based so it's completely safe from government crackdowns . HK is the world's most free open markets. HK is a top billionaire city. China wants to own the next NASDAQ. BINANCE will be the crypto NASDAQ.

BNB is going to 50B market cap before summer.

This is your chance if you missed ETH LTC XMR last year.

Buy BNB and HODL.

BNB has trading pairs with most big coins and is recession proof. Look at all he red numbers . BNB is ultra green and it hasn't even begun.

Buy BNB or miss the next top 10 coin.

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I can't lose because I cashed out my initial investment.
This train is on full speed a head with no brakes.
I either hit a ramp and fly to the moon or I hit a wall and lose it all.

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You gots it big smoke

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We're all gonna make it

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Also watch The Big Short, 10/10

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not yet

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great timing every time

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Guys, you need to relax. It's just a correction. The price is adjusting to reflect the utility, speed, and ease of use of the world's premiere cryptocurrency.

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Wabi means Frog/Currency

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>not making her weed addicted and then fucking her because she always comes over for more

Thats how I roll, learned this trick from a Turk.

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underrated post

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>asking people on the internet what to do with your money

On the other hand it would be such a shame if it got to 1990 before friday

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