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I could never describe it in a better way

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Yes, you should short your eth, link and btc and buy the dip on conan to get the maximum benefit from your money, cheerio op

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To buy more and more hottie bags, you're right OP. I salute you, this scotch will be drank with you in mind (no homo)

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Im 1/8 of the way there thanks to my LFGO stack, im thinking once this bullrun starts i'll get halfway there, once we hit $1 i will have finally made it

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I would make a thread counting days until LFG hits 1$ but its useless since its happening tomorrow anyway. Cheerio OP

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Thanks for the discount on my PAJAMAS, i bought again because the bottom is in

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>you now remember all of those Anons asking why the price is gold is skyrocketing

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I actually did quite well, but not with nigger coins, but with loaf cat. i was too late for those first ones, but i was one of the initial investors of loaf and its currently doing way better than i initially expected

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that's too little to sell bro, you barely made a profit, don't panic sell
look at your account and your coins, maybe try new ones, look for the ones that have potential
on my part i took 50% of my shit and put it on loaf cat as soon as it released and made a x7 easily in one week, relocated part of the money and keep a fifth on it to get some revenue from the ups and downs. THIS is smart thinking, try it anon.

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well i have a lot on VINU currently, so i can't give you proper advice if you're looking for alts, but you could also join the train and take my hand

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need some bussin in the shitcoin department frfr

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Or any political related coin, even memecoins like bigmike are pumping hard this season cuz of the elections
And i'm not goin to miss it

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>fucking scamton no hope for this tranny coin andre is a schizo what about the unpegged tokens


spastic pumps incoming

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It's easy to get a girl and not pay for sex.
>Go somewhere related to either your job, study or hobby
>Encounter new people
I>ntroduce yourself
>Meet girls inside this space
>Talk to them
>AVOID mentioning weird shit, schizo shit, or VERY niche things, ESPECIALLY CRYPTO, do NOT mention it, she doesn't care about your earnings in dextools or whatever, it doesn't matter to her unless she's into it, but you need to CONFIRM it first.
>If there's a good vibe between the two of you, continue meeting and talking
>Confirm at some point after some months (at least 2, 3 is a good number if you're desperate) if your feelings are mutual
>If yes, PROFIT
Congrats anon, you have a girlfriend now
ALSO, when you INVITE someone for dinner, it means YOU'RE paying. If you'd rather not do that, say "would you mind ACCOMPANYING me for dinner?" or "JOIN me for dinner".
Good luck fags

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The backpacks of people that cling to binance instead of choosing better alternatives with faster exchanges and less/no fees like dextools

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Cheers OP, I feel exactly the same way. Since the new year started I haven't stopped accumulating more and more money, it's totally unprecedented (at least for a europoor like me). The funniest thing is that I'm beating the pleadings of the morons who keep trying to sell shitcoins under the premise that it's the way to make it when we all know that's LIES.
My folio consists purely of altcoins (ETH,LINK,MATIC and LUNC) and ai tokens (AGRS, ICP, RNDR, THETA and AKT). I am on the cusp of profit, the 8 figure paradise looks closer than ever.

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100% agree and I'm West-European

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>Newfag's first ever profit
I haven't seen this one in a while

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That's called "the benefits of having good alpha and knowing how to use it". If you stopped listening to the average biz boy and legitimately used alpha apps like dexscreener to guide your trades (using facts instead of feelings) you would be closer to these types of trades. Learn from this guy

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Good one OP, though my investing strategy consists of credmaxxing and investing that money i know how devastatingly hard it can be to hold into that weight of mind for so long. I eventually stopped doing the trading myself and switched to copytrading using dexscreener, its like the debt is not even on me anymore and someone else is paying it.

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Such a fruitful life I see

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good to see more bizbros embracing the bottom feeder technique (as i call it myself). i dont even check the dext or uniswap ratings anymore i just buy it, i just set up two alarms for the prices im in and voila, that's all the work i need to do
i've gotten close to x30 on some tokens that try to do that jeety pump by the devwallets and sold them all for close to 15k of profits on my best days
fuck dcaa, this is how you make money off this shitty ass rugged market of shitcoins

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No need, go Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, specifically Puerto Madero, that's the best place you can go, safe, full of hot bitches, and nice places, I'm going there once Milei takes the Presidency, or perhaps after Beoble goes live

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Keep us rich and fat

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