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Oh dang deb8s tomorrow, Palantir on Wednesday, what a fun week! Daily reminder Peter Thiel is coming out of Sullivan and Cromwell, the same place that produced the Dulles Brothers and invented the concept of the shell corporation. He will not be allowed to fail
Hehe lots of people like the fool. Interesting trivia, among Thoth tarot people (my deck) the most well liked card is the Princess of Disks. Snuggy warm cloak and milky preggy tumtum

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The multi-day rise in VIX is pretty spooky, the market, particularly the 'daq feels brittle. The vaccine isn't even half-baked it's quarter-baked, Moderna started enrollment on 7/27 ffs. That being said I hope the day of the value investor is coming, I don't think we'll crash tomorrow but it might be a spooky halloween
Cuties! U gonna extract the supers soon?

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Surely we'd notice this in the CPI too? I still have no idea how to suss out what's happening there even after months of worrying about it kekkies
PZZA, AOBC, RACE (or maybe GM for the Escalade), some housing REIT with Jersey mansions, hehe the Sopranofolio sounds great

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Yaya! Good post, I want to get back into the covvies rather than the verties
They're okay, bollinger bands (add keltner channels for double strength) and just plain moving indicators are the nicest beginner indicators in my opine

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I'd be careful dawg, you do know what happened to them?
I had to walk home 3 miles in the rain :(
pretty meditative though, have heard reports of strange sounds in the sky in California

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Not for another 35 minutes for me. I'm so excited!
I know china was cracking down on manufacturing designer drugs and chemicals for foreign markets, the US still gets tons of illegal substances from Chinese factories though. India is apparently seeking to ban ecigs, but they're a big market with poor regulation so I wonder how that will turn out. Stay safe hkbro!

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>opium juul pod
yes please. I know there are already vape pens made specifically for DMT, giving people the option to smoke a lil tar in public would be great. Granted I have seen people smoking bth off foil with a crack pipe on the train already.

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Alliance on Herod, I'm level 17 come play with me baggie I'll heal you
Bad! Teen smoking is an essential element of the American identity and experience

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Nice! A word of warning though, today at work a lady who knows I'm into trading asked me about what cannabis stocks I'd recommend for her retirement account. I gave a spergy answer about swing trading and retail volume, she looked at me like I had two heads, and I just told her to get an ETF if she wants to invest in the industry as a whole. The normies know, be careful

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nummy! Happy thank!

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