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Anon my moment to shine is finally here.

My dad sold his house and gave me 25k and i want to invest it

I dont like BTH is too low
ETH is fucking dead

Shill me your altcoins anon, i heard about AVAX, id like to buy AVAX, what should i do?

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In the last few days ive seen a lot of people buying AVAX and ive seen few people talking shit about AVAX.

Idk why are people talking shit about it. AVAX is a good choice to invest, currently the price has dropped, but that doesnt mean AVAX isnt grow.

One month ago AVAX were 15$ and today is 36$. In just that time AVAX doubled its value.

I truely believe AVAX is a good idea to make money, probably in the next month ill reach 100$

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