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>I bought for a quick flip
Picrel Rajesh. If you win an online race you win the majority of the lobby’s entry pool, usually 2-3x what you wager depending on lobby size

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>joins a reddit stock cult
>ignores everyone who tells him that's not a good idea
>believes a bunch of drooling retards and their "DD" will make him rich beyond his wildest dreams
>calls everyone a shill who tells him how stupid that is
>invests money he cannot afford to lose
>proceeds to lose 99.9% of it
I pray to the almighty Allah that this isn't a larp

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take my profits and pay the tax man of course. You can't get greedy over easy money. That's how you fuck up your life

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Be happy? You fucking clown

Based. You mean cross-chain functionality. The higher the number of blockchains being registered, the more prominent the need for cross-chain protocols will be.

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How far have you checked? If your search hasn't landed you to ORE protocol by any means, you've probably been wasting your time.

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Same. I had a divorce lawyer and 60’ Morgan Ketch all picked out. Was going to cast off and never be seen in the USA ever again. Now I am in this post-Covid cia ClownWorld hell with a pissed off ugly wife. Picrel is directed at me, not you.

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Who gives a shit? We are in the Endgame now.

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They are all bunch of clowns

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Simple as that. It is amusing how people fail to realize that privacy has its major contributions in security. Anyone who has their ass exposed and gets fucked has it coming

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Most of you either stumbled upon Chainlink and got lucky or used inheritance or daddy's gibs to pretend like "I made it"

You can tell by the way you guys spend money you have clearly no understanding of value, you enjoy shitting on others and become an echo chamber of old money kids.

I find most of you so absolutely revolting I'd rather deal with schizophrenic homeless.

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>Depositing money in the US
>Trusting your money to the american banks

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You want to be RICH?
Buy 10,000 shares of a company.
Sell 100 covered calls
Buy 200 calls at a higher strike price that is half the contract cost

If the price of the shares goes up you make money, if it goes down you only lose the value of the shares you hold and you keep the money you got from selling covered calls so you'll probably break even

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It's going to be absolutely nuts when this happens, because women's productivity is fuckall.
West is going to have an abundance of absolutely useless workforce and without a doubt they'll try to hide this fact as long as possible, by taking as many resources as they can from men.

It's fucking over for the West if this keeps up.
Chinks are going to rule this planet for the next century.

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>buying doge on a margin

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You deserve nothing but complete destruction
You McFaggots stole money
You are thieves
Pajeet pump and dumps and Nigerian Princes have more class than you
You McScammers continue to deceive and lie
Get Rekt

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kek, told you guys this like 500x over the past 8 months

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So true anon
Comma is a Faggot
Mass Effect 2.0
MCDC is garbage
Anyone who allies with shitcoins schilling to scam and dump on Rubic hodlers deserve nothing but complete and absolute destruction

My Rubic Stays Cubic

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>Talk to friend about GME last week.
>He asks me if he should put money in.
>Tell him that something weird might happen and that it might spike even higher, but that it's beyond stupid to buy something after it went up 10,000% and is a viral meme on reddit.
>He buys 5 stocks for over 300 bucks each despite being an uni poorfag.
>On margin.
>Gets rekt.
>Now says that it's my fault, because I told him there was a chance it would go up further.
Takeaway is to never ever talk to normalfags about trading or investing. Nothing good can come of it.

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