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>Stay poor you autistic brainlets while REQ moons to the cosmological redshift after announcing staking via Tendermint before EOY.

I once really believed in REQ.
At the beginning when there was only just a whitepaper.
Then they released a javascript button preview.
From that moment I knew REQ was kinda shit compared to what other projects are out there.

But I held, and sold the top!
March came and they scrapped all the most important stuff of their roadmap.

No fiat integration.
No bitcoin integration.

but what was most obvious.

No network usage.

let's all be honest here.

REQ is shit.

it will keep shitting itself at bottom prices between 3 cents and 10 cents for a good year to come. while everything else makes gains.

then eventually when the next fomo bullrun hype starts. it will probably go up to 50 cents.
Maybe 80 cents.

but it will never

be higher than $1 again.

> a billion dollar javascript button.

my fucking sides.

glad I sold.

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recently became a skycoin holder.
I bought on feeling. as I always do.
intuition is my T.A

it works well.

though im starting to doubt el sky coin.

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At one point in the past I was actively trying to obtain 21 bitcoins. I've switched to collecting XMR now.

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