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There will be no more memes, no more dreams of lambos or whatever NPC tier 'rich person's car' you've picked out in your imagination as you're left in the dirt holding a bunch of link bags. Even a fraction of the money some of you invested in link could have helped you make it during the next bull-run in a legitimate project. Imagine that. THAT is what you should be visualizing. Not your stupid fucking holiday home, not your imaginary future "faithful" gf / wife, nor an early retirement where you don't need to toil away at menial tasks for your betters from inside your 9-5 existential prison cell - you should instead be visualizing yourself scraping together what little money you have left in the wake of your devastation to try and ride something like BAT or Holo up, and your dream of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS suddenly becomes a much more realistic 10k-20k at most. I mean it's not bad - more than you intellectual runts probably deserve. You'll all see I was right. I always am.

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