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According to my calculations it will keep going down forever.

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I like it.

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Please pump on mainnet so I can quit my job

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whayt am i seeing?

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When do we buy back into alts frens?

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How can I sell some LINK on Bitthumb for $1.13?

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I'm thinking about starting a business, obviously I need a business plan before I can get considered for a loan, any advice on how someone with no real business experience can approach this?

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>tfw bought "at the top" yesterday at $12.67

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Yep - this is the sad truth. Wagie existence turns good men into degenerates. Funnily it is only the NEET who can actually lead a pure life. There is a long history of such people - priests, wise men and rabbis who eschewed all gold and things material and separated themselves from society in order to achieve a deep spiritual understanding. In many ways the NEET is the modern day counterpart of these people, wielding the most powerful knowledge machine ever known to man - the internet. Whether the NEET chooses to gain knowledge in gaming, hentai, anime, natural science, economics or image boards is not the point. The key here is they are searching for knowledge and following their inner voices. This is a positive trend that has already gained traction in Europe and will spread the to USA this century. They key here is that the government redistributes the money from wagies and rich people to the NEETs to allow us to continue pursuing knowledge

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>11k LINK
>1m HOT
>27k REQ
>44k VET

am I gonna make it, pls be honest.

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same here fren

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why is this post stickied and why is there a vishnu living in the blockchain ?

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The real question is why you're posting a meme for 27 years old, but you're 25 yourself

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What does /biz/ think of Shopify, future profits or no?

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I bought 1.04 dollars worth of BTC am i going to get enough money to make it mommy

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Fucking kek I'm dumb.

But either way, investing 11k in anything based off info you got from 4chan is fucking stupid.

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I don't understand if these fudders are link holders or they seriously think Chainlink and decentralised oracles aren't important. I've done my research which has led me to believe that everything is going fine since Chainlink is being developed, technical questions are answered by the team, only "bad" thing is that the price is dumping.

There really aren't any reasons why the price should be going up since there are no announcements, product isn't ready yet, the concept of decentralised oracles is too complicated for "normies" to invest and overall the crypto market is going down.

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what does "market cap" mean and how does it affect crypto prices

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If I want to sell one of my cryptocurrencies, do I have to wait for another party buy it? Is it possible that a cryptocurrency moons, and I want to sell but cannot find any buyers?

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So this is what the greatest transfer of wealth looks like

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did you sell part of your stack yesterday? I wanted to but this shit keeps going up especially as btc is going down. Do you want to add some skycoins if yes then when?

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You want some real advice? Don't go into micro trading, go for long term investments if you're that into crypto, but focus your attention to Internet Marketing
/biz/ is a shill infested board
Crypto will always be a gamble
IM is where the dreams of financial freedom comes true

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