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Most people complaining are not working a regular 9-5 that pays them a decent salary and benefits for their time and university degree, most people complaining are working below entry level or whatever they can get in an economy where most people cannot get "that 200k a year tech job at google wfh" or whatever.

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Honestly if you're not making at least $30/hr in your mid-20s you should just give up. By the time you're 25 you've had plenty of time to develop some skill or earn some credential that can make you at least that much. No, crypto is not going to save you, and you don't know how to manage your money anyways due to the fact you've never had any. You are a lifelong brokie and belong to the emerging underclass of wagie cattle.

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10K is fucking nothing. You could make that much money in a couple leveraged trades. You're just extremely poor.

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>Bitcoin Cash

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Forced to track my gf's periods because God made us unable to smell or sense it like other animals

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missing profit is not the same as loosing money tho

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>every thread about credit suisse gets shit up by newfaggots arguing about switzerland‘s fiscal policies
I don‘t care. I‘m here to make money. That being said, long or short on the swiss frank?

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this is it

this is how the bitcoin dies

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the one on the right is 18, this is a nothingburger

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BTC is unironically a ponzi. Its value only goes up when more people buy and dump their life savings into it

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how much can it even pump tomorrow if the market already priced-in™ a soft cpi print

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>if you're not gonna help, stop taking fucking videos of it
>drives away
what did he mean by this

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Imagine putting your money into something called Manlet Chain

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do you really not have $200?

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what's happening with football coins?

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im a central euro poorfag and have 335. fuck my life

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why are we still below 140 i was so comfy at 150

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shiba inu still has a $6 billion market cap

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Why the fuck are bulls still so fucking smug? It's fucking over. You lost. Everything is going to 0.

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Crypto is collapsing
Buy gold and silver

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well that was quick

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car looks retarded

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