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Some of you are going to live with link memes in your head for the rest of your life, just like btc and eth. You were supposed to learn from missing out on the former, btw,

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What's the point of being rich if you can't escape the dystopia? You'd better be eyeing a spot on the Mars Expedition or building a subterranean self sustaining city(lol), otherwise you'll just be the rich man in Babylon, surrounded by a never ending nightmare.

If the price of taking the mark of the beast is hell, what then for those of us who invested in its creation?

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Sergey is blessed

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If you want to go be a bag holder for some babbies first product go ahead. I wholeheartedly trust a man who clearly knows what he is doing and has experience to draw on, unlike 99% of "founders" in this space.

Our founder is mentioned by name in "The 4th Industrial Revolution" by Klaus Schwab. Hand picked by the bigwigs at SWIFT. You may not be able to comprehend the implications of just these two facts, but every anon who did 3 years ago is sitting pretty right now. And it really hasn't even gotten started.

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What's it like to stay trapped in your economic chains with nothing to soothe your seething jimmies other than some dead occultists "philosophy" about poorfags? Evola was a richfag, literally born to an artisan and a landowner. You can cry all you want in misery, read all the non-fiction and philosophy you can stand, but in the end - you'd be better off learning a real skill and freeing yourself from the system.

But here you are, being a bitter fag because you can't handle the cognitive dissonance of thinking you're far more intelligent than you actually are while being a poorfag, missing out on true freedom.

As if you haven't been warned for years. You have no one to blame but yourself. So you can bitch and moan all you want about sheeple and jews, just remember to take a good long hard look in the mirror.

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We are between stealth phase and take off.

Idk how long it is going to take people to realize, that this train doesn't leave the station until STAKING is implemented.

The Network fundamentally belongs in the top 3

That's right. We aren't fucking selling.

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>This will do what it did last time and all the other times, which is bring the normies in who heard of Bitcoin for the first time in 2017, maybe wanted to invest, saw the bubble, and then forgot about it
>These people will jump in again (which was the case with me in 2017, with regard to 2013) and they will drive the price to ridiculous new heights since they have a new basis

I think you are failing to realize the extent to which Chainlink is unlocking a blue ocean of untapped value with his work to bridge enterprise systems. They are still working with SWIFT. Staking is coming. Off chain transaction computation with zK rollups is a big deal imho.

This run will be different than the cycles we are used to. Off chain legacy data being unlocked by the link network and how quickly real world companies are picking up on becoming node operators... This is literally a paradigm shift

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The shitcoin marketcap is going to be transferred into Chainlink. Even dumb fucks are smart enough to realize that they are best off dropping their heavy bags for the project that keeps giving.

The next bullrun is going to be about enterprises, interoperable data connectivity, and DeFi. We don't even need the dumbfucks to fomo in, but they will. More cream for the pie.

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You hold for the next three years motherfucker. OG stinkers have been holding through the past three years. We held through a 90% dip on the entire crypto market. We held through coordinated fud created by some of the most trickster god oriented individuals on the planet. We held through the entire bear market. We have held through dumps like after Google when we went from ATH to $2.50.

And we're up 1900%.

If you can't handle this then you don't deserve your inevitable future fortunes from holding. Let us show you the way, ye of little faith, for the light of Sergey Nazarov is bright, fearless, and unabated by the dark forces of this world. Stay with us and you will come to live in a world of infinite possibilities, self sovereignty, and share a piece in at the base layer of the 4th industrial revolution.

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