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So this explains why they're acting so retarded https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/generation-reddit-why-younger-investors-really-lost-the-gme-stock-war-1030050671

Key points-

>an entire generation of investors who are far more emotional than their predecessors.

>These investors are “characterized as having the highest rating for personalization of loss while still having high risk ratings,” explains researchers Ryan Wood and Judith Lynne Zaichkowsky in the Journal of Behavioral Finance. “In other words, this group does not mind taking risks, but feels terrible when they lose money.”

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>but there isn't any evidence that these shorts have to pay out friday, except for two large hedge funds: melvin capital and chitron
>If you hold till friday, you'll find yourself jewed

Is he right?

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holy fuck you actually own $650 worth of quarks

oh my god

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> wake up
> everything is up 40~100%
> sit and watch charts all day, waiting for chance to buy in
> everything moves sideways for 10 hours straight

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>some noname team from ukraine claims they have partnerships with uber, lego, oracle, etc
>you're literally buying into it

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is now a good time to sell if you bought at 3200?
it feels like its going to tank a bit soon again

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Everytime I see these threads, the part that astounds me the most is how expensive life in the US seems to be.
I mean, people complaining about 70k/y jobs and saying that they're barely enough to get by, while with my €30k/y job I live like a king, away from home, and with most of my money remaining at the end of the month.

I work about 3-4 hours a week, which means I could also get a wageslave job and double my earnings, but why would I do that? I already have more money than I can use, and it would only take away my humungous amount of free time.

Just how much do you people spend for everything?
For me rent is €330 (comprehensive of utilities and internet) and I spend about €70 of food per month (not including eating out).

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Parity sucks dick and MEW doesn't offer "Broadcast transaction on block" options, is there any other options?

And how does anyone expect to be able to get in using MEW, considering everyone on earth is going to be using clients that auto-broadcast on block mined?

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Anyone else made mad gains from the brief KIDS pump yesterday?
Why is everyone going crazy about mooncoin, with walls that are TENS of bitc high, when KIDS have walls on every sat that are like 0.4btc?


I got in at 2 sats, you should do the same.
As soon as it gets any momentum it's going to explode

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