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Someone on /biz/ posted it here a long while back. I believe it was Adelyn giving the presentation. I don't quite remember what the event was called unfortunately.

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here's a breadcrumb.

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>The way to view this is that, you know, if you tried to build Uber in the Web 2.0 world, and you didn’t have the Google GPS API to show you where a user was, you didn’t have Twillio to send a text message to the user, and you didn’t have Stripe to pay the driver, you wouldn’t have really built Uber. You would have built the Uber core code and then you would have started building these three other key services and you would have probably stopped halfway though building one and that would be the end of your venture, because all of the services that are powering the web applications that we use on a daily basis are extremely complex. But they’re packaged in a consumable and secure way for developers to plug them into their application, right, a lot of the applications people use in the web world are basically a number of other services, providing them data, providing them the ability to do a payment, providing them the ability to send a message, and this is how web engineers in the web world is built, so rapidly and at such an iterative pace and at such a high quality of application. Now finally the blockchain ecosystem, with the appearance of oracles, as the services or representation of services on chain that provide all of these external data sources and all these services in the real world to smart contracts, through the appearance of all of that, you basically have 2 to 5 person teams that can build world class financial products without having to build the infrastructure to do that.

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Chainlink and other token infographic thread. I'll start.

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your image and this one always make me soooooo comfy

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Fuck all Redditors. I'm spoonfeeding you again. Take this medicine and never fucking go back to that liberal cesspool platform, buy some Link, and then fuck off Biz so we can go back to how this board use to be before you newfags came.

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>it’s a scam you just got lucky!!!

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People don't understand how early we are still. I've been here since link was on etherdelta. Didn't buy much link, but im comfy kinda.

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i wonder how UBI and monthly paychecks from the government will be paid out in the future

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Here's another one that's good for Normie consumption.

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this new world is only possible on Bitcoin, and only BSV is Bitcoin.

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picrel only posible with BSV

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Yea that's why I'm splitting these posts into subsections every day till I'm done. The above is a summary of like 8000 words. Obviously sounds schizo lol. Anyway, Thanks for making me rich af with link, frens. This is all I can do to repay you.

The recommendations I read between the lines are actually great news for anons with situational awareness.

Today we talk about how BTC will crash to it's ATH. That's right, the plan is to CRASH bitcoin core to it's ALL TIME HIGH.

It's my belief that I receive so many shills for XRP as "insider" info from smart money to my employers, who are just not enjoyable people to be around, for a reason. It is my serious assertion that it's bait. So the question, 'why,' leads me to a more specific conclusion than it should... But I'm hoping that other anons here will have some evidence to post. Please contradict or support my argument as you're able.

By creating a situation of engineered debt-transfer, BTC will balloon in per-unit value, but it's transaction costs will lock that value in. Without volume, the value becomes a dubious proposition, as mining fees increase geometrically to keep mining profitable. With old smart money gone, this leaves the market open to boomerlogic - basically a random-walk on the charts. This is a GOOD THING for anons, because it offers a clear timing for exit - during the boomer bulltrap.

Meanwhile, XRP isn't a blockchain. It's centralized. It appeals to old dumb money. It's a place they can put their money that isn't BTC, but that won't saturate the markets that smart money is accumulating. That's the most simple explanation I can think of that accounts for the obvious concerted shill effort from a group of people with no reason to be loyal to my cadre of old dumb money fucktards. My assumption is that smart-money needs a platform to transfer all this wealth, and XRP is it today, so its a useful short term duct-tape that they'll want to exit asap. i.e. dump bags on old dumb money.

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This is a good visual to translate in your mind the current state of an industry, and what companies/government are building for the future state.

Every arrow in the 'future state' column involves a chainlink. (Because it's moving data from one system to the blockchain or back again)

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theres a reason why it has 18 decimal places
this is new technology, the 4th industrial revolution.
this tech will be here long after we're dead

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reminder, this is a long term hold. i cant tell if its going to go up or down in the next few months
but i can tell you that historically bitcoin will rise after the halving and the link/btc chart is very bullish
also klaus schwab predicts 8 trillion mcap by 2025 - 250k btc, that would mean link at 300-1000 usd in 5 years
good luck anon

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connects everything to everything
cheaper and more efficient

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automation and self-executing contracts is the next step. the fourth industrial revolution is a world where everything is automated, overlooked by an entity, the god protocol.

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