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Why didn’t you buyed?

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If you STILL haven’t bought any Fantom you’re fucking retarded

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fantom schizo somewhere punchin the air right now

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It won’t go below 50. That’s unbelievably bullish. Straight back to 60c within an hour. Screencap this

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how the fuck do i send my fantom to my kucoin wallet?

i sent it through the eth chain and it says completed but its not showing up. i just want it off that fucking wallet once and for all. im just losing fucking hundreds and hundreds trying to just fucking send it god damn it fucking crypto

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remember fantom is still new as fuck and its really big tech

remember when runescape first started in 1999 it was just shitty block characters and pixels and then it turned into one of the biggest mmo's on the planet and got bigger and more mainstream every year?

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>fantom has a huge cme gap at 2 cents
>gaps always need to be filled
>every time this shit crashes it crabs for years

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what if this really does take over eth? binance is starting to use their network

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why am i such a brainlet i wont buy more ftm?

something is blocking me from buying it in my mind because i saw it at 2 cents so long it feels stupid to buy at 40 cents but id buy a stock if it was going to go up 40%

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can this shit hold over a dollar? im afraid of a crypto crash coming and it drops 70%

if its above 1 dollar i can almost live off staking rewards and im a poorfag but if it crashes im a poorfag again. trying to figure out if i should cash out when it gets high or try to live off staking

seeing all those alts die in 2018 is scary

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dear retards, this is the reason for the fud behind fantom

>some transexual person sold millions of ftm before the pump and has been eternally seething about it (their wallet and pictures have been posted here before)
>some retard has been using fantom threads to shill their garbage
>they ALWAYS have fantom thread pinned to the top and they copy and paste the same shit every time
>first they said avax then it dumped then ada and now is spamming hbar whatever the fuck that is
>they have been saying that and wrong the entire time and fantom has done better than all of them combined

the schizo tranny fudder literally spends 18 hours every single fucking day fudding this shit. seriously look back at the last fucking 60-100 fantom threads. they literally spam the same message 24/7 word for word copied and i see it literally every time i come here.

ive been holding fantom for months and basically seen the same fucking lunatics in every thread the entire time. if they just bought fantom the entire time they spammed that they'd already be rich

honestly i dont give a shit if newfags make it or not this shit has just been driving me fucking insane seeing the same 3 schizos in every thread spamming like crazy

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It’s getting comfier by the minute

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Piece of shit

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I don’t feel so good, bros...

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I hodling. What can I expect EOM?

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What can I expect EOM? Not selling

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whats stopping the fantom wallet from being hacked?

if kucoin, apha, binance, and a shit load of other wallets get hacked why do people feel safe on this?

also can anyone tell me if its worth staking? im a poorfag and if i could just take out like tens of thousands id rather do that but if this thing can hold above a dollar i can live off staking rewards. plz respond

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>kills eth

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Hmmmm, I wonder which one that could be....

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Dont fail the IQ test anon.
Who needs memes when you already have multiple government projects and a solid blockchain?

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>he was too busy falling for tranniecord pnd memecoins
Kek, its been right in front of you this whole time dumbass faggot.
Sorry your IQ isnt high enough to be able to sift through bullshit to find it.

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