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So heckin comfy, marines

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That’s the best part about chainlink
It’s all true

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700K When?

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Argentinian-Italian researcher Hugo Zucarelli recently extended the holographic model into the world of acoustic phenomena. Puzzled by the fact that humans can locate the source of sounds without moving their heads, even if they only possess hearing in one ear, Zucarelli discovered that holographic principles can explain this ability. Zucarelli has also developed the technology of holophonic sound, a recording technique able to reproduce acoustic situations with an almost uncanny realism.

Pribram's belief that our brains mathematically construct "hard" reality by relying on input from a frequency domain has also received a good deal of experimental support. It has been found that each of our senses is sensitive to a much broader range of frequencies than was previously suspected. Researchers have discovered, for instance, that our visual systems are sensitive to sound frequencies, that our sense of smell is in part dependent on what are now called "cosmic frequencies", and that even the cells in our bodies are sensitive to a broad range of frequencies. Such findings suggest that it is only in the holographic domain of consciousness that such frequencies are sorted out and divided up into conventional perceptions.

But the most mind-boggling aspect of Pribram's holographic model of the brain is what happens when it is put together with Bohm's theory. For if the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality?

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>can one man change the world? i think so.

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Are you fucking telling me the two coins that will set us free are fucking ELF LINK? What the fuck lol

Where does a burger buy this shit?

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1 day

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Don't do this to me bro, I will kms if there is no steak tomorrow.

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2 days

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3 days

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Oracles are going to be crucial to the smart-contract ecosystem over the next few years. Here are some basic, non-delivery examples of what exactly an oracle can do:

1. Smart-Contract Securities – These need specific, secure, up to date market data feeds whether it's a security price from the Bloomberg network, or interest rate data from retail banks, etc.

2. Smart-Contract Gambling – These contracts need tamper-proof data feeds that relay the results of events such as sports games, horse races, and whether or not another Hollywood starlet has molested a kid.

3. Smart-Contract Insurance – These contracts need data feeds related to insurable events such as whether a firewall is up throughout the life of the contract. (This was an actual test case successfully running on the Chainlink testnet for the last several years).

4. Smart-Contract Payments – These contracts would need an oracle to supply specific data regarding salaries in order to accurately pay out on time or release escrow from widely adopted payment networks such as SWIFT, PayPal, etc.

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How much link do I need to make it?

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Where did all the Link posters go? Did you all really sell and I'm the last one holding this trash?

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Sometimes you need to lose the battle in order to win the war.

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Is it too late to get aboard the chainIink moon mission?

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