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Maybe its finally ogre.

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Observe, evidence of 1 BTC = 1 BTC. Coming soon to a zerp near you!

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Because the Black Swan is 1 BTC = 1 BTC and the debt denomination points dont really matter.

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While BTC is a speculative asset, it is also succeeding in its role as a store of value while countries all over the world go into hyperinflation at the same time.


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Westerners are so spoiled, they don't see any benefit to a digital store of value that has reached ATHs in 14 currencies. You don't know what it's like to work hard just to have your money inflated away into worthlessness. You'll realize soon enough.

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BTC's neutrality and psychological appeal has won it investors like El Salvador, Tesla, Saylor. Eth doesn't have any notable names to it. BTC isn't useless. It can simply be digital gold and nothing else. See pic related. ATHs in 14 currencies already.

Yes most devs are in ETH currently but that doesn't mean anything for the price or its users. Normies don't want to spend $50 on a transaction. Despite having a small fraction of the mindshare, Solana was able to almost completely steal Eth's memecoin culture. No one outside of /biz/ talks about eth memes anymore except maybe ticker bitcoin and mog.

>"staking is free money" or "staking is risky" - pick one and only one, bitcoin camp
No intelligent person calls staking free money. It's a significant risk for about 1 day's worth of volatility in return. Over the course of a year.

>small minds, small gains
My calls brought my portfolio from around 100k a few months ago to almost 500k now. Congrats if you beat that but I wouldn't call these small gains, especially considering I didn't have to risk anything in obscure alts no one has heard of.

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Staking is a meme. 4% annual returns is negligible on an asset with higher daily volatility. Justin Drake, one of the lead eth researchers, doesn't even stake because he thinks it's too much risk.

BTC has one use case it is the best at. Doesn't need anything else.

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