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ITT: We laugh at bottom sellers

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Just fuck me out

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Happened 5 times and then it ran up even higher after

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Why does anyone care to fud a coin? Why does anyone care if people get rug pulled? Just to about your business and let people win or lose their money how they want, I don’t really understand the logic
I own zero ADA btw

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kek were you so anxious about my reply that you were monitoring the thread?

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which of you was this?

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>cognitive dissonance on display, the npc lashes out in confusion

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As a humble man who out equal amounts in BAO, GRT, and RBC one month ago, BAO has raped the rest. GRT is legit (still own), RBC is off getting genocided in the Kashmir valley (sold @0.76), and BAO gave me a 50x (now, admittedly, 15x). BAO is antifragile and grows from all the lame FUD; the developer literally tells you not to buy. 4D chess. BAO $0.006 EOM. made some lines on a chart with a fag named Elliott (no, you can't see).

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ohhhh is the PnD baby boy mad I exposed him?
gonna cry to the Indian government about it?

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