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What does /biz/ think about Mutual funds/ ETFs ?
I've been thinking about investing a couple k in something relatively low risk, so not crypto (I also hold some crypto but have only lost a bit so far, I'll hold off for now). From what I've researched, these funds historically can do about 10%/Y, so much better than letting your money rot in the savings account. However, I noticed a lot of funds lost 10% this year (due to Brexit?), so it might not be the best time to buy in?

Do any anons have experience with this shit?

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I was thinking about making extra cash and looked at dropshiping option.I'm fully aware that it's not as profitable right now as it used to be.My question:is it possible to make decent money while running some ebay shop since most companies(chinese) with cheap products sell them as well on those western platforms for the same low price just like on aliexpress?

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2018:Blockchain not Bitcoin!
2019: Ripple not XRP!!

When will the goyem learn?!

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Da banks r good bois

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Fuck me this place is getting flooded with like scum, you people are trecherous vile scum filled with the spirit of usury, there is a reason you were expelled from every host nation you robbed and the ovens are just warming up

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want to make real money through various crypto pump and dump schemes?

join this discord for further info:

https://discord dot gg/NrCT6gM

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When will you goyim learn...Us Jews ALWAYS win in the end

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>keep thinking small, that's good
>good goy, stay poor

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Okay you know the drill. Buy dgb and sell it at 3x. It's a shit coin but look at the hype make use of it. Dont buy it next week after moon and blame 4chan

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is finance a meme?

I see all this posting about day trading and investing, but I don't understand how anyone could possibly make consistent money. like how do you retards pick stocks? Is it just gut feeling, or do you actually have a sound strategy?

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>tfw you will never be jew and own lots of shekels

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