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Back in the day all the /biz/ was ecstatic about LINK and cumulatin while it was still an ED thing. Many ppl actually read the WP and were impressed. Others just rode the hype. But still, you hardly met anyone, who would ask you to spoonfeed them what CL or oracle problem is. Perhaps, that is because there were tons of good quality posts describing why ppl believe this shit is the future.

The fud existed from day 1. Cayman islands, 2 man team, gay project, tolilet fud appeared. Don't remember its origin. Probably there was a loo in a photo of Sergey's presentation at some class. Ultimately the loo meme evolved in "stinky linky". Ironically, "stinky linky" lives and prospers while almost everybody seems to have forgotten about the toilet fud.
Overall, the fud was low quality and intended to be a joke. Nobody took it seriously.

Unexpectedly LINK was added to Binance and the prices went up a lot. SIBOS hype was growing. But when Sergey presented at Sibos, the pump collapsed really fast.
Funnily enough, Sergey couldn't possibly trigger the sell out, as there was no video of him presenting. Just a bunch of sharks dropping their bags on LINK maximalists at an agreed time.

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