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>there is no trading volume in a coin that is designed to incentivize holding and farming that does not contribute to the trading volume in any way and in fact drives the price up for technically sound reasons

Cool find!

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I have been out of trading for some time now, I got a Binance account with my coins, been holding some ETH and other shitcoins for some time, now with higher price I think its time for me to start trading at least 50% of my ETH into some other coins, trying to get that 10%+ on some daily/weekly trades, my questions are:

what is the best way to trade on Binance right now and pay the less fees? Is trading on ETH too expensive now? (I don't remember how expensive it was anymore)

Any coin recommendation that I can get that sweet gains?

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Is this the 40k waiting room?

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Feeling so comfy holding my BAO watching snow fall outside. I bought in under $1M marketcap (like you all should have done too) so I'm feeling pretty good about what looks like an obvious correction.

Don't fall for low IQ fud. Synthetic assets on decentralized exchanges are the future.

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Besides BAO and Rubic, which other coins do you think could easily do a x10-20 this year?

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Alright also bought in, now fondle my balls with price predictions

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What amazing timing. A crypto dip after making a killing on meme stocks.

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That's the best part. It doesn't matter if the long nose tribe wants to stop us. We're decentralized. We're in control now.

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Literally correcting in line with the rest of the crypto market and literally refueling before a god tier mission to the stars.

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How much cash does /biz/ keep on hand to buy the dip?

I've thought about selling 5-10% of my portfolio so I can accumulate during the next downturn. Is this a good strategy?

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I just wanted to make a comfy, life-affirming thread for my bros without shilling TOO hard but I will say to you in confidence that XMR is easily the #1 coin in the universe - just hang in there. I literally don't think anything else compares. Holding XMR right now is like holding BTC years ago. People don't get it.

But they will. There is a reason that $36 trillion USD is hidden overseas right now. Privacy is worth a lot of money to some people. Sooner or later, that money is coming to XMR. It would only take a fraction of the global tax haven market to drive XMR to $1M per coin. No joke, look into it.

Other projects will make it, too, but XMR is in a league of its own.

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Cash out and all in on stocks, continue freelancing as a teacher, take a Master degree and then work part-time as a uni lecturer because I love teaching.

I just want to live doing what I love without having to stress about monthly bills.

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give me a qrd on defi uniswap scams. how do I make money with this bullshit? been here since 2018 but only hold eth and link, never trade

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its your time anon.

take the thailand pill and live in bliss for the rest of your life. gotta admit I'm pretty jelly. Any advice for an anon with 10k spread between BTC, ETH and LINK?

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You wanna explain what the lion means?
Evola fag here.

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>>she teared up one day because how privileged she felt that I'm building wealth for our children
feels good man
is her farts smell good?

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>You will not own properties and business off that 1 btc.
heh, that's where you're wrong kiddo

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Hyperborean digits of truth, confirm this post. Heil Hitler, >>16388671 isn't gay!

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bitcoin is either going up....
or down

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That was a cute pump last week Linkies. Now it's my turn. You didn't think Asuka was lying did you?

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No coded messages here fren, just some grown frog men trying to make some funnies

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