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In strictly answering your question, I would have to first concede that Bao is not *yet* useful in the sense that its greatest ambitions are still in development. However, the Baoman has delivered on his promises to date and has a remarkably astute vision for the future of decentralized finance.

In a nutshell, Bao will bring synthetic assets to sushi and uni. That's the most bullish statement in crypto right now. Why?

>crypto cap ~$900 billion
>stocks cap ~$73 trillion
>derivatives cap ~$544 trillion
>stocks and derivatives combined ~$617 trillion (1,067x all crypto combined) and even then those derivatives do not cover the types of markets you can make with synthetic assets

See also pic related. Look up top - that's only part of the market that Bao is looking to conquer. The reason being that traditional derivatives can't account for truly "imaginary" assets like something based on an unemployment report or the rainfall in Seattle every year.

Using Bao, we could be trading stocks, commodities, crypto, and completely new assets 24/7.

The market potential here is virtually infinite and Bao is the best project I've seen to address this in years. I've been on /biz/ for a while.

You can buy me a drink using an unknown amount of monero at


Cheers, brother.

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They are a threat to their own dollar

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