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>320k crypto portfolio
>12k in PMs
>480 credit score

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how do they sell for a profit in those states when its illegal?

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its really going to be a permanent type of brain damage for us.

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I sometimes find myself wondering about the applicability of the 18 decimal thing. Something about seeing a value like 0.000001583294703407LINK as either a node reward or potential loss seems wholly unappealing to anyone that doesn't have the same form of numbers autism we all do. I get "we" don't need "normies" or whatever, but something about it just feels like it needs to remade more appealing in references than owning one-onemillionth of something.

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I'm honestly glad that biz shills shitcoins. The problem is that retards here start believing the propaganda - they get emotional and hold through dumps, or panic sell at a loss and buy in again to "make it back."
When I see a coin shilled that has a low number of holders I normally throw 1ETH in and sell at 3x or 4x. 99% are PND scams but it doesn't mean you can't make money off of them. You just have to get in early and be realistic.
You're not going to buy a lambo with one shitcoin, but you can definitely make a quick $1K.

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I will pass and just point to this post when the feds confront me about no longer paying taxes.

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xD here's to you for your "insider info"

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Hop on while its low

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bobo your bleeding!! come, ill drive u to the hopsital

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>he doesnt know

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you think that maybe the fact that something as worthless as this has gone up thousands of % already could be a sign that it is overvalued and actually more likely to go down in the future?

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you've used blockchain
now try rockchain
buy gravelcoin (GRVC)

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Buy the ticket, take the ride

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So now that crypto is overplayed. What do you think is the next big thing?

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