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OMAD is basically a necessity for maintaining a healthy weight if you're not chasing gains. Your body doesn't need anywhere close to the calorie sum of three meals a day just to sit at a desk and work.
The fat content of processed foods coupled with extreme dysgenics of modern material contents is actual poison. Steer clear of meat and dairy unless you've got a meat or farmer's market close.
If you're into meal prep, a pressure cooker might be a good investment. I've been eating the same portion of mushroom risotto with sautéed tomatoes since Friday. Two weeks previous were stir fry veggies with chickpeas and couscous.

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Take everything /biz/ says with a grain of salt, anon. There are people that made hundreds of millions on grandpacoin, there are some that made $20k.
Would you rather make nothing?
Your money is the value of your investment, the rest is gravy. You can't be bitter about having less than what you got. That's how you go insane.

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