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Hi, /biz/
Relatively new to the CC game- I have just dipped my toes in the water to get a feel for it all. I have around 2k I can still invest, and have already invested in:
1 Ethereum
1 Litecoin (bought both ETH and LTC at the recent correction)
35 Shares of Iota
100 Shares of Ripple
and, regrettably, some shares of Parateum that I am "bag holding". Sorry if I misused the terminology, still catching on.

Any input on my current portfolio, or suggestions for what to do with my free capital? Diversify elsewhere, or dump more into what I already have?

I am strongly considering dropping a considerable amount in SIA via Bittrex- or should I just drop more into ETH/LTC? Some other alt?

Thanks for the input! I will take your advice lightly, and do my DD before making any moves.

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