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>No one is buying
>Massive unemployment
>Brick and mortar retail and small businesses are going bankrupt.
>1/3 of rent is not being paid
>No one is using airbnb
>Flippers are sitting on empty properties.
>There are more than nine million second homes in the U.S. that may or may not be financially viable given the depth of the current recession.
>About eight million landlords who own between one and 10 properties accounting for half the nation’s rental properties. Financial duress will come swiftly for those carrying multiple mortgages.
>As many as 30% of Americans with home loans, or some 15 million households, could default if the nation’s economy remains closed up through the summer.
>Illigal immigration has been halted from the virus.
>Interest rates are already near 0 and can't really go much lower.
>JPMorgan has bumped its loan requirements to 20% down and 700 credit score.
>The jumbo mortgage market is disappearing.
>list prices are already down 6% in april

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Its because the FED just injected 2 trillion dollars into the market. Speculators bought in to ride the inflation of stock prices. After the FED stops pumping, next week, the stock market is going to crash again, as all the speculators sell. Basically, what we are seeing, is money being extracted by speculators.

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