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No, im just hoping for another one.

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If dubs then everyone here will get financially raped into a coma by the end of the month.

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Don't answer

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If the OPEC meeting goes well, then Yes. I think that shit will moon beyond belief as well as GUSH.

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Are we going to be okay for monday lads? The wait is giving me some serious anxiety.

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Lads, its very obvious to me that its GME thats fucking the entire market right now. Is it still being shorted? If these mother fuckers actually squeeze the hedgies and GME really does moon to $1000 a stock + then we and all of America is FUCKED. Should we really be worried about GME or will it just go away?

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AMC rising, slowly but surely

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you don't understand
it's poorfag mindset because poorfags are the only people obsessed with property
I imagine most of us were raised poor and/or ignorant so you have to forget everything you think you know

covid is a great example
tenants don't pay
government says you can't kick them out
your property is not an asset but a liability now

even for passive income you have to diversify somewhat
nothing is truly passive, or risk free, if it was, the opportunity would be insignificant, think government bonds, gains are pitiful but guaranteed. You unironically need 8 digits to truly never worry about money again.
I don't wanna discourage but when I had 10x less money I at least had blissful ignorance.

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why would they do this? I dont even hold link any more but that is fucked up. Do they want a war between the boards?

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Is that a bulge or a really puffy cooch

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please don't

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I would laugh like a maniac
I realize that everything else will dump too but the dopamine from your collective tears will make up for my dwindling bags

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Horse has been known on here to be a mom and pop operation ran by like 5 boomers.

How is this news?

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the problem is that in my ideal wonderland most countries are self contained little theme parks with their own traditions
how does that work if I fit into none of them
I just escape online to cope
in the end I carry none of my origins, adopt nothing from my surroundings
a person of nothing

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checked. use the portfoliovisualizer link in the misc links to determine a good weighting.

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>you're the most intelligent group of people on the internet.

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I thought I could pause before the shot but he did no wait nor hesitate. Not getting his job back? Fine. Boom. Goofy ringtone ringing. Goofy ringtone ringing. Goofy ringtone ringing.

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disdain for newfags

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>Technical analysis is a meme.

>daytrading is glorified gambling.

>cryptos are a shitty investment compared to other options.
oh no
it's retarded

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>I wish this would be true.
I'm sorry anon, it's just a joke, I doubt anyone other than the mentally disabled on twitter think this way
I hope you are ok

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>So what do you like to do?
>I watch anime

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