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So what are some suitable coins for my XMR mindset? I don't want to just "HODL" BTC but I'm not opposed to using it as a medium of trading XMR against.

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>I2P e-book depository would be ideal. Add the bookmark and all relevant literature is just a download away.
I like this, way easier to onboard newcomers

>so what about an /XMR/ book club?
I would get in on this, but maybe hard to schedule. I hope this does pan out though, would be very neat.

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>does anyone know who created the original monerochan?

It comes from here. He actually made a whole bunch of crypto-chans but Monerochan is the only one who had any staying power.


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See title.

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>we will be able to buy more moneros at $100 a pop soon
absolutely based. I mean, OHH NOOO EVERYONE SELL BEFORE ITS TOO LATE Ahhhhh!!

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what you posted can barely be considered anime

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I'm on fucking Comcast too bro

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The more newfags we get into crypto, the more secure the network is, and the more our coins are worth. Plus for all they know we could be lying to them :^)

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Monero and Link

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Monero-Chan > all unirocally

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This is the exact same conclusion I reached too after doing an extensive analysis on Monero. It will crab and dump for a while, but when it moons it will be unprecedented in crypto history.

The only ways XMR would crash, would be if:

1. Its security was cracked and it became traceable
2. A better alternative existed

Given the active community, these two are very unlikely to happen.

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yes monero community is great at fighting off bad players. I think they forked away from the ASIC manufactuers twice until they developed RandomX. pretty cool to watch unfold

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>for free
There's no free lunch. You're at this very moment being part what's probably the next ponzi scheme on cryptocurrency to the likes of Bitconnect. You can make some money but EVENTUALLY it will all come down. Be smart to get off before it happens. I prefer to not participate on it because I would never trust the keys of my XMR to some random software developer. You're going to make it if you hold your XMR safely; don't be (too) greedy.

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I always try to diversify by investing in other crypto projects, but as soon as make some profit, I sell and put everything in XMR. My logical reasoning points to it being a clear winner long term.

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>So the exchanges might know my wallet address but they can’t see any of my transactions, right?
>Sub address are different addresses that are essentially linked to the same wallet?
yes. They start with an 8.
>so I don't want any wallet tied to my identity, period.
then get monero without providing KYC.
The feds will only come knocking if you cash out and don't pay taxes.
>and it becomes $10,000 per XMR the government is going to ask questions because the KYC knows you put 50 XMR into a wallet once.
they have no way of knowing what ended up happening to the 50 XMR though.
For all they know, you blew it all gambling.
crypto talk isn't allowed on there.
we have support from /g/ for sure. I lurk there myself.
But agreed with your statement. We really emphasize running a node and mining if you can.

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Because it is a coin with real utility, not a shitty pump and dump ER-20 token which will never be used in real world. It will only keep appreciating in value from now on, but don't expect moons.

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not enough monero-chan drawings, this must be rectified during the next bull-run

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Local monero. It’s a p2p medium of exchange.
Here’s Monero-chan

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>doesn't care about privacy
you don't deserve monero, anon

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