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The simple answer is it's just too expensive, unreliable, and a pain in the ass to build fully automated or near-fully-automated warehouses. Especially for a company like Amazon that doesn't deal in just a handful of unique items shipped. They ship damn near everything that can be shipped.

If Amazon could have done it under a budget, they would have already. Workers and their bullshit are still loads cheaper, and more reliable than robots that drop shit, break shit, lose shit, or bug out, especially since automated problems tend to cascade, and cause deeper problems.

Amazon is stuck with wagies for the foreseeable future. The government would probably stop amazon and other companies from fully automating anyway. They don't want a sea of unemployed people replaced by automation, because that leads to societal and economic collapse.

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Being a teacher in today's age is the ultimate redpill. If you don't get redpilled by the jewishness of teaching admins, today's kids, their shit behavior, and the fact that admins demand you take a nigger beating while smiling, then you simply are too far gone and cannot be redpilled.

I'd rather break my back digging ditches than try and "teach" a classroom full of screen addicted, psycho faggots and niggers.

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Whilst everything is red, Shell is making me steady bucks every week. Oil companies were way undervalued. Everyone bought into the green memes; now they're tanking.

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Bonds are going up today.


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Checked, let’s go

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Its power is in how much you seethe.

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but isnt everyone posting frogs?

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We’re the frog aren’t we

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Dump that shit

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How do I short this shit?
Can someone make an inverse PNK on kwenta?

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Any oilers?

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Guess I’m the only one who made it out in one piece. Shame really...

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>singles we return to crab
>dubs we crash and burn
>thrips and we hit 3$ next 30mins

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>he’s still living in the past, talking about “muh SEC”
>he thinks this is a monero copy
>he thinks nothing in secret network has been accomplished except mainnet came out ages ago and they have a usable, private dex out now

Anon, you’re a moron.

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Uh oh, anon, got bad news for you in the coming weeks here.

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I have been watching AdA since Jan 15 but couldnt buy it because of jew york. Now that I might have a chance to get it should I get it now or XLM?

ADA and XLM are at ATHs and worried they migh crash is this parnoia or based?

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Enjoy your Superbowl Anon, but don't drink too much. I expect you in the office at 8AM sharp tomorrow!

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Fuck off retard me and matrix anon stsrted this and made biz 300% gain, and yet we're still in it.
This project has good fundamentals, brings new tech to the DeFi table and plans to tokenze the entire DeFi space into an index token that makes it easy and less risky for noobs to invest in defi.

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Someone has to make the profits and serve the coffee while I'll make more in 3 hours than you do in a week and I darelessly live my dreams (oh, and society thinks I work harder than you do too lol)

The caste system got one thing right: Some of us are Brahmins and Kshatriya, the rest of you may as well be Dalits (just remember what Reagan said, start at minimum wage and one day you'll be CEO of Raytheon!)

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They call you the 'working class' because you're supposed to be working, not prattling off your cute little financial opinions to your betters and raiding Grandma's savings jar to "get rich quick".

You're not a trader; You're a coffee servant.

Stay in your own lane.

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Roblox and Coinbase upcoming: I was thinking about going in heavily, sell half at a decent % and keep the rest.

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>Bull Run
>Oldfags get rich and gtfo
>Newfags flock
>Shill Run begins
>Newfags gtfo after getting scammed
Thats just about it. /biz/ is honestly at its best during Bobo season so just leave for a couple months once the market cools off.

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Watch this, bear.

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