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Incorrect. Most people have not gotten rich off crypto. You see 10 posts about people making bank on crypto, but don't see the 1000 people who lost money. Your perception is skewed.

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Good. I'm glad you have a nice cushion, continue to build it if it gives you peace and security. The reason I say 3-6 months is, historically, around that amount of time after the halving, is when bitcoin starts to rally. It reached its heights in early 2021, with late 2021 being the final push. So, following this, 4 year cycle, bitcoin will likely peak sometime between early 2025 - late 2025. Altcoins will follow afterwards, as people sell their bitcoin for alts. This is what we call "alt season" and typically occurs a few months after BTC's new all time highs. Alt season will likely take place mid 2025 - early 2026. None of this is guaranteed, of course. All of your investments could very well go to zero, so do remember that. It is likely that most altcoins (at least those in top 100) will do a 5x from here.

If I was new to the market, and was just coming in now, trying to invest, I would spend half on high cap altcoins (1 Billion - 20 Billion market cap) and half mid cap altcoins (100 million - 500 million market cap). Everyone is different though, if you want to play it incredibly safe, just buy bitcoin at $65,000 - $70,000 and sell it around $125,000 - $140,000. I personally wouldn't buy it now, as it is already too high. Just do your own research, read whitepapers (you can find them by looking for the coin on coingecko) and reading about the project. Don't listen to crypto youtubers, and don't listen to shills, do what is right for you. Good luck out there, anon.

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Keep trying anon. Giving up is easy, pushing forward is much harder. Nothing worthwhile in life ever came easy. Remember that a lot of those other candidates may have been in a similar position to you, so the decision may have been a difficult one for the employer to make. Keep trying, the more interviews you go to, the more chance you will have of getting a job. The less interviews you go to, the less chance you will have. Good luck anon, I believe in you.

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Do not despair, other people make millions of dollars in crypto, do not let that take away from the fact that you have made $7,000. Be happy with what you have made, rather than jealous of what others have made.

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Well I'm not a deluded, out of touch, moonfag that thinks $1,000,000 is a low amount of money. That is enough money to change your life significantly, and for people in lower income countries, may actually be enough to retire on.

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I see bobos dying
Shorters liquidated
Big green days
Wonderful nights
And I think to myself
What a wonderful bullrun

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Do your own research. Although as >>57918171 says a lot of alts don't reach ATH again, so consider buying an alt that has been around for a while, and seen a few cycles of the market. Examples are: ADA, LRC, BAT, LTC. There are many others, just find what works for you. You could gamble on some new alts if you're willing to take a risk, seems like AI coins will be big this bullrun. There's a potential 5-10x if the alt market does well enough. Good luck anon.

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Based I love this lil nigga.

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Those that live that life are living on the very easy difficulty setting. Those that are homeless and in a worn torn country like Iran are living life on very hard difficulty. In perspective, you are living life on normal difficulty, so don't be disheartened anon.

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This thread has been up for 3 hours and very little in the way of advice has actually been given, sorry anon. First of all, don't buy bitcoin right now, it is incredibly overpumped and due for a correction. Wait for it to go down at least $10,000 before you consider buying. Second, altcoins are your best bet right now, whilst bitcoin is riding the waves altcoins are stagnant, which means they're cheap right now. ADA, iExec, RLC, LTC are all down over 70% from their ATH prices, so now would be a good time to buy. You don't necessarily have to buy one of those altcoins, there are lots of good ones out there that are cheap right now. Just do your own research.

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I'm just going to be brutally honest with you; you're very late to buy in on this cycle. Probably too late. It already pumped 200% since the bottom in Jan 2023. It will probably only pump another 100% or so, about a 2x. If you're willing to take a bit more risk without being a degenerate, consider buying altcoins right now. They're still very cheap compared to bitcoin. ADA is down -80%, GRT is down -92%, LTO is down -90%. There are so many other ones that are cheap. There is no guarantee these coins will do well in the next bull market, but if they do break their old all time high's, you're looking at a 5-12x (potentially turning that $1,000 into $10,000) just do your own research before you actually invest.

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Same, I live in a city but want to gtfo. Don't have a car though, makes my plan slightly inconvenient.

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Hey anon, good luck to you. Consider investing in altcoins right now, they're 85-90% down from ATH prices, so they're very cheap. Do your own research on what coins are best to invest in and figure out what you want to buy. ADA, LRC, BAT, FUSE, LTC are some good ones in my opinion but at the end of the day I'm just guessing. Like I say, DYOR and find what works for you. I hope you make it next bullrun, anon.

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So why is LINK pumping so hard?

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Also, what is your top investment

> 1993
> Bitcoin

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Even then, there's a good chance cryptocurrency will have been replaced. Quantum computers pose a large threat to the future of cryptocurrency, as does future technology. But lets say that doesn't happen, and bitcoin is still around 2200, it will not be used as a currency. We won't ever be using bee tee cee to pay for things, it is simply too volatile. It will likely be used as a store of value and stable coins will be the money that is actually used to buy goods. As for the dwindling supply, this will only increase the value of bitcoin, and it will continue to be divided further and further as supply decreases. Maybe at that point in the future, if own 1 BTC, you will be considered a god.

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