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Chainlink is a decentralized Oracle network that connects smart contracts with real-world data sources and APIs. It ensures that the data entering the blockchain is trustworthy, reliable, and tamper-proof. Now, how does it achieve that? Let's break it down.

First, Chainlink uses a decentralized network of nodes known as "Chainlink Oracles." These nodes are operated by various independent parties called "Node Operators." Each Node Operator runs a Chainlink node and contributes to the network by retrieving data from external sources.

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Your welcome

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Context needed

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For me no more chainlink

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Who is still holding? Confess.

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Bravo sir.

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Waste of money studying a waste of money.

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I can think of one.

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What happened to the $1keoy meme? I don't see it posted anymore

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Why is it crashing this hard?

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OG here idgf about your nulinkers or nolinkers poorfag opinions calling my bros here

So Im holding since ico ofc and Im off biz for some time because this is shithole now but this security fud is first fud that gets me
Yes I know how important link is and yes i know its utility token but only utility I we have it from it is deposting in stanys pawnshop lol

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buy $ROCKS social rocket
very good cryptocurry sirs!

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social rocket

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So I was off biz for 2+ years (long story)
Things I expected:
>My semi-poorfag 79k stack is now considered larp stack (check)
things that I didn't expected:
>this shithole is worse than ever its bagholder vs baghodler pvp 6x than 2017/2018
>same 2017 shitcoins shilled on same promises
>same ethereum killers bullshit (but new tickers)
>same btc is scam/btc is best thing ever threads
>no staking :(((((

This shithole is 10 times worse than I remember it reeks poverty and lunch money
What the fuck happend?
Any OGs left?

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>LINK never had bullmarket cycle, 2017 it was unknown and missed bullrun, had solo bullrun during bear and now for first time its top5 crypto in approaching bullrun
>regualr poorfag10k-20k stacks from my era will be whale status after this cycle
>made fun for all sub 1k nulinkers and that 10k will allways be suicide stack since start but funny thing is in 5 years anons will go to war over is it 10 or 100 kek
>sergey is love

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Dont get me wrong we had pajeets and poorfags allways but now its 96% of biz
Back in 2016-2017 we had awsome eth-btc topics
Back in 2017-2018 we ahd awsome link topics
Its 2020 year of literally PRINTING money in defi and 0 yeald farming posts few "how to peddle next defi shitcoin" posts

twitter 10x better informational warfare platform now than biz now and also full of anons kek

By old frens will miss you

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Sold 10k linkies at 19
Jsut boguht back at 14 morman fags are out now we can moon before conference and let them fomo in after 50$

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Also we could drop to 13 and have strong rebound from there blasting trough 20 after but I like to paly safe

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Im OG and sold half stack kek
I also made DNRS and swinger rope memes but swinged my stack x8 since 2017
Take this as You wish but yeah if you are not comfy swinging hodling is for you

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You can't even get a Sergey shirt at the moment: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079MDPQVW/

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you beat the odds, but I would sell a decent chunk of that if I was you. don't become a statistic

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