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Yes, I'm getting paid. I already have a well-paid job so I would be crazy to give that up to work for a narcissist without a salary. As a developer, idea-people come to me all the time promising me a cut of their multi-billion dollar idea. They're so full of themselves that they require an NDA just before they tell you their idea.

These guys offered me an equity deal and I said no way. He was desperate to hire me for whatever reason so we structured my compensation as a salary + equity deal. The founder is one of those people who thinks their idea alone is the key part of success and he hired the cheapest code monkeys from India for $5 per hour and the whole thing is a piece of shit. If you ask him how he plans to monetize his free service, his response is "We'll sell user data for billions to the highest bidder" even though there's no analytics or any kind of useful information on our userbase. Everyday at the office he just keeps talking about how startup ABC was acquired by Google or Facebook for X billion dollars and laughs at how easy it is to succeed.

My role at the company is CTO but that's just a fancy title so it looks like they have it all figured out. When I tell him we need to hire a few serious software Engineers, they just decide to do what they want by hiring Pajeet. The developers don't even know how to use Git properly unless they have a Fischer-Price UI and we end up with a new branch each week because they don't know how to merge branches without fucking it up. The code has no unit tests, doesn't scale, and the whole thing is a complete mess. Even if they another private investor so they can pay salaries, they will just hire a few more Pajeets to put duct tape over all the problems.

Everything they do is just plain wrong. Our app on the Play Store and App Store has nothing but fake reviews. They're not even subtle about it. We waste our time on developing unnecessary restrictions so John Doe doesn't abuse our servers.

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Years ago I did a test for a job at dollar tree hq, all computer based. First things they ask you are gender and race.
>Test adjusts difficulty based on your answer.

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