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Never used twitter either. Apparently I'm missing out on some secret chat groups though.

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Every era has its own limitations, every era has its own opportunities. Senior Taco Bell would have find a way to get rich today because of his drive and initiative, would have probably had some online hustle going

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This is completely true but they also have social interaction and good customer support so it evens out to a decent app for beginners.
There's no need to be so angry, anon.

Mate you convinced me to get in at $2 and I'm pretty sure we're gonna make some money here. I'm honestly going to cook some curry this week.

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what cold storage options do you use? what are the best ones for obscure shit coins? what other measures do you go through to protect your self from security invasions?

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code is code and the "code is law" mindset allows bugs and oversight to fuck up a lot.
"life is water, not stone", those thinking anything is absolute will drown.

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somebody make XMR dump for just a min need to buy low

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