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pee pee poo poo

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well said

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OP what part of a female body do you admire and/or desire?

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pee pee poo poo

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based checked fpbp op BTFO

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Poo Poo Pee Pee

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checked. cya at the yacht party. mine will be the one flying a flag that says:


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this is extremely based. i may dedicate an entire bathroom in my house to just being absolutely covered in link fud as well as a pee pee poo poo meme engraved on the toilet

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>And so you know I don’t really hope for the fast case because the fast case is gonna mean another painful restructuring of wealth and maybe socialization of certain costs, and all kinds of other things probably to do with inflation, but in the fast case one of the few things that can come out it kind of how the Bitcoin white paper is known to be birthed out of the 2008 financial crisis, as something that was necessary, and so I think the next crisis, the next cyclical crisis that we’re quite actually a little bit overdue for, so I think that its probably relatively imminent, is going to have that one silver lining I think. That its going to force the worlds towards blockchains and smart contracts and DeFi. So ya, I think those are the two cases. I think the value here is so clear that people will adopt it slowly and more people will enable them to adopt it slowly, and then I think the unfortunate nature of how markets work and how the debt cycle works and how a number of other risks kind of get compounded in the global financial system will lead to a correction of some kind, and that will possibly on top of already a slow case that’s already happening, create a massive rush of a fast case, which really is quite clear to me as something that has already been proven by the activity you see in countries that have had problems like this.

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Into what

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number go up, pee pee go up

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pee pee poo poo

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One of his greatest works.

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If you had to start over from scratch with 10k to invest (assuming you have a bigger portfolio now), how would you do it? Would you split between ETH and BTC? All in on shitcoin? All in on established coins?

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At least 7, probably more though

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If we break above $17.50, there is no resistance before $20
BTC must break up or down in three hours.

If BTC breaks up, we are going to see some shit boys!

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But anyways, I figure that I pee 5 times a day and poop once, I will have to pay for 30 gallons of water plus tax. In NYC, that costs $3 since my landlord is one of the few non-jewish landlords and does not suck on foreskins to get discounts on our water. Throughout 2018 I flushed the toilet only 10 times, only once it was completely full. I peed in the sink every single time. One time I even just told my landlord that the toilet wouldn’t flush, so he had to pay for it to be suctioned out. Some nights I just opened the window and got rid of a few cupfuls onto the street below. By those actions alone, I saved over $1000, and invested that money weekly into LINK. I now have 7500 LINK just from only flushing the toilet when absolutely needed over the course of 2018, 2019 and early 2020.

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le Epic Reddit moment

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