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>You need to be /pol/-minded to see the reality of all things and be good at crypto
You just melted my brain

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>buy some shitcoin you can get for free instead of a revolutionary tech

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look at gas spent on tx, not volume you fish. tether pays $1.8M in fees per month as of now, if omg fees are 66% cheaper, then only around $600k would be distributed among omg holders. this would mean 1c per month per coin if 60M omg are staked.
this is all assuming 100% of tether txs will be over omg lol

source: eth gas station

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Reminder that the the S in SQQQ stands for Stupid.

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>deluded linklets believe april fool's joke article is real
Never change

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>company A has a questionable method of hiring its employees
>this is bad for company B that has nothing to do with the hiring

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paper went to worthless to $100 bills, xinfinity returns
daily reminder:

miner pay abstraction is not an issue for agnostic projects

both of you are beyond brainlet, ngmi

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>Stfu faggot nice inspect element he bought at 7000

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>i dont understand why this question keeps popping up
>i dont understand how asset settled futures are any different from cash settled intruments
>i dont understand that naked shorting does not work with bakkt
>i just dont understand, yet i feel able to make price predictions

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>asian Americans are not Asians
Do you not realize how stupid you sound?

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Who hurt you?

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God I'm such a fucking newfag. Idk how to buy or sell anything that isn't on fucking coinbase

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bad RR for one side of the bet means good RR for the other side you mong. just admit that you have no clue what you're talking about.
also, there's enough volume for your dust, especially if you'd be selling the calls

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>goerli testnet up and running
pick one

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Lets see how this ages

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>buy stable coin that frequently trades at .05% below USD value.
>no fee


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You fellas have no reading comprehension. Come back when you mouth breathing retards can read, see pic related

Pajeet shills are the worst, FLO, BIRD, all those shitcoins are in the same boat

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is that what my wall of text made you feel like? sorry, I know it's complicated for some of you to understand why website owners would want to get paid more for their visits and not less... but who knows maybe you can convince every website owner in the world to give up 80% of their ad revenue paid to them in USD so that they can get paid 1/5th of market price to get paid in internet tokens.

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