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>the majority of the world's population lives on less than 1 US dollar a day
>hundreds of millions of people in 3rd world countries do back breaking jobs each day for the equivalent of pennies
>It will be more profitable to set up a phone farm and browse 20 hours a day clicking ads and getting tokens and cashing them out so you can eat
>this will result in an insane selling pressure
>These utility tokens given away for free for clicking ads will somehow magically rise to be worth tens of dollars and resist the immediate selling pressure as soon as someone receives just 1 single bat

Maybe my question wasn't clear enough: WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE

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hahahaha have you ever heard him speak he sounds like a scared little girl hahahaha vote for me and I will pay you hahahaha fucking changfags are even sadder than bernie bots

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>Owen Benjamin

hahahah good one anon. Owen is a prime example of what happens to degenerate hollywood fags who overdose on redpills without checking their ego. All he does is steal material from /pol/ and act redpilled but since he is a newfaggot he cant tell satire from shilling. He literally has cult followers calling themselves bears and defending his flat earth rants while acting redpilled. Owen is an example of what happens to idiot redditors who stumble onto 4chan after 20 years of browsing the internet and think they have found the ultimate truth

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>anyone posting animu is from /a/
Please do not link me to you subhuman scum ever again faggot you are the only board that is even lower than /b/ and if you were an oldfag you would know this

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>current year
>g..guys you really think reddit would just c..censor you?


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Was that in the freezer?

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I'm just going to do the opposite of what /biz says on every coin.

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>People are so fucking self centered to pop out children
You might be the most self centered idiot I've ever seen here. You are given a life. That life is a choice. You can either live on or end it. You are given a choice, but you are so selfish that you think you are somehow being punished. Your parents gave you the greatest gift possible in this universe, and you consider it a punishment.

You are free to toss your life away, if you wish, but do not presume to judge those who do not. You being childless is not a blessing. You are not a hero and you are not doing favors for anyone. You were given a choice, but you are not giving the same choice to anyone. You're not doing it out of any great morals or for the love for the unborn, but simply out of resentment against life itself. Do not try to mask your own weakness, greed and selfishness as nobility.

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