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It's an extremely bullish dump. Unironically.

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>Says exactly what I said.
>Calls me a dumb ass.

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Personally I think nothing happens but willing to hear out some skitzo autists on how the cult of Saturn will unleash the singularity

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row row row your boat
gently down the stream

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celebratory big macs for everyone

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There is 0% chance it's not something huge, given this blatant insider trading, the likes of which we haven't seen since Google pump.

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row row row your boat

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The Kabala teaches that God created the world with seven spiritual building blocks—His seven “emotional” attributes.

I only have 6.

But I knew that physicists counted 3 dimensions plus time as a 4th dimension.

I use the same 3 dimensions (XYZ) but I also have (-xyz) which brings me to the six dimensions mentioned above.

But I also know that time is the 7th dimension.

This number 7 is crucial.

So I aligned 7 of my Fibonacci Repeat Cycles as seen in Diagram 4 below.
These 7 circles form a famous pattern known as “The Seed Of Life” and it appears throughout the ancient world as well as in works by Leonardo Da Vinci.

When I calculate the points where the flower pattern intersect I get a perfect 60. Draw a circle anywhere inside that pattern and the corresponding numbers on the 12 points on the circumference adds up to 60.

This is no coincidence.

But there is so much more. When I superimpose the Star of David into the design the 6 inside points add up to 60.

The 6 outer points add up to 40. Together they give me a perfect 100. This is a perfect 100% or whole using the "base-ten harmonic".

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