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we're finally back above .33
i really thought we were going sub .25 bros

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we're gonna make it

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We are all going to make it
Happy new year frens
Many moons to all of you
Lets feed our villages

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It's OUR time!

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you are an absolute mad man i hope it pays off for you

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by making XRP the new national standard

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VET holders in 2021

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>tfw grew up poor
>820k+ net worth now
>only 25

what a time to be alive

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We made it--alts are in bloom...

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>tfw comfortably over 800k net worth
>grew up in the projects surrounded by cockroaches and rats

feels amazing

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there's still time...

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>tfw finally passed 800k net worth

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This whole market is unworldly. Think about the opportunity given here for people like you and I, who generally don't have great social skills and aren't fond of normal activities. We have the opportunity to trade on a 24/7, high liquidity, high volatility, global, unregulated market and double our investments overnight. We don't have to speak to anyone, all the transactions are anonymous. What's more, there is a small but non-insignificant barrier to entry in this market that normal people that most of us hate lack the attention span to overcome, so if someone is going to be making money, it's us. And even still, nobody involved in speculating on these coins has any real idea how they work beyond a shallow, surface level idea of what they do. The most popular coin uses enormous amounts of electricity solving some useless cryptographic function to maintain itself.

That's all strange enough, but now consider this board. Has there ever been a weirder group of people involved in investing in history? Just ask yourself, what would a normal, well adjusted 50 something male think of this board? What would he think about the weird characters strewn all over the place, the screaming pink figure, the weird cartoon frog, the fact that there are people that have barely spoken words to other human beings in the last year that have made millions of dollars? 4chan culture applied to video games was strange but not out of the ordinary, 4chan + politics really started to turn some heads and hundreds of articles were dedicated to trying to understand it. But 4chan + a 24/7 speculative market surely has to be the wildest combination yet, producing some of the weirdest shit most people will ever see.

And that, anons, is why you need to relish this opportunity. Soak it up, even if you're losing money just know that the experience of this will be worth more to you in 50 years than any amount of money could've ever been. The world is going to seem so boring when this is all gone.

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I uninstalled RH and put limit sells on everything except my massive stash of TQQQ. Also set my account to automatically DCA weekly into VOO. This past week has really made me feel like a fucking degenerate. Man wasn't made to stare at lines on a graph all day.
Now if you'll excuse me I'm devoting 100% of my free time to finding a girl that will let me nut deep inside of her so we can continue the existence of our people. Later faggots.

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>o-okay the utility is there, but i t- it'll never go abopve a dollar lol get rekt

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gonna make it, gratz anon

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>barely speak to friends
>barely speak to family
>no girlfriend ever
>only 5 inch girth on my penis
>775k net worth

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>go to job interview
>blatantly tell lies
>get job offer

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its ok to chase more money, but be grateful to god for the money you have right now.

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>tfw just finished job interview
>crushed it, should be hearing back later this week.

im looking forward for the oppurtunity to wage desu.

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