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DUDE i just LOVE the street shitting and smell of new delhi, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m a black minority who eats dirt cakes. you should totally come on down to my designated shitting street, it’s got EXPOSED RAIL WAYS and everything, we can crack open a nice cow pee or three and get crazy watching some child getting raped by adults who swim! and dude, dude, DUDE, we have GOTTA go down to the river- listen here, right, it’s a TOILET where us INDIANS who do NOTHING can go SHIT! BUT!!!! it’s also a BATH like when we were kids, so we can play awesome WITH OUR SELVES, without dumb government officials bothering us. speaking of which megan, my white american girlfriend and i have finally decided to tie the knot- literally -i'm getting a u.s visa tomorrow at the u.s embassy, that way you can illegally enter the u.s and we sell crypto to spend more on ourselves and our cows! i’m fuckin JACKED man, i’m gonna SLAM this cow pee and poop another one!!

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*fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart* *fart*

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