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Inspired by WagyuLink Anon who predicts >$1 by EOQ2 (>>12216394) and >$20 by EOY 2020. I want price prediction discussions backed up by (((actual reasoning)))! Both bullish and bearish!

Now, without any change in the overall crypto mcap, in the current bear market, $2 would be mcap of $700,000,000 (7 hundred million) and put LINK at position 16/17 on cmc. I think we can all agree this is perfectly reasonable.
$20 would be mcap of $7,000,000,000 (7 billion) at position #4, ahead of bitcoin cash. If LINK really is the missing piece of the God protocol, if it really is used by hundreds and hundreds of teams in the same manner as ETH was last year, and goes on an ETH-like run, this is feasible.

If LINK makes it to the #2 spot right now and flips ETH and XRP, at a mcap of $17 billion, it would be $50 per token. Again this would depend on actual massive usage - which we have every indication to think it coming.

Now, thinking about changes in the overall marketcap of crypto - we are currently in a bear market (hopefully not for too much longer) so if we take the mcap of ETH at its peak, which was a mcap bigger than BTC is *right now*, that would make 1 LINK = $350. Personally I think this is the highest estimate that makes any sense, but I'd love to hear any arguments otherwise.

Now if LINK reached position #16 - WagyuLink Anon's estimate for next year - and had the same mcap as #16 but in the peak of the last bull market, which was $17 billion mcap, that would be the SAME mcap as XRP *right now* making 1 LINK = $50. I think this is the most convincing point for me and very encouraging.

So all in all, my price predictions are $2 for certain, $50 highly likely, $350 maximum but unlikely. Who agrees?

FINALLY, can someone post the LINK price chart which shows position on cmc versus total mcap of all crypto? It looks like someone made it in Excel. Can't find it in archives.

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Whales are accumulating this coin and you aren't what's your problem

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You guys know there's bugs in the chaĆ­nlink software right?

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i am a LINK whale with more than 10 million LINK, all of which i acquired below ICO price back in october. LINK performed way better than i thought it would in december/january, and i cashed out more than enough to live comfortably for the next few decades.

after cashing out a few million dollars, i let my remaining 10MM LINK tokens ride. however, after realizing the volume for LINK on binance was so drastically low, i figured it was more profitable to actively manipulate the market, than to hope for another bull run of 2017 proportions.

so i dumped.

and dumped.

and dumped.

i found the best time to dump was not when the price was tanking (medium-sized bag holders with 100k+ tokens will take care of that for you), but when the price was mooning - or looked like it was about to moon. here's a secret for you: LINK has some of the weakest bulls of any coin on binance. usually it only takes less than a million tokens, efficiently timed, to crush any small pump and take LINK/BTC ratio back into the red for the day, where it ought to be.

want to know why for the last 38 days on binance, the LINK/ETH chart only has seven - yes, seven - green 1-day candles?

because of me.

want to know why everything today seems to be in the green, but LINK is still struggling to make it back above 10 cents, and has currently dipped to under 100 on coinmarketcap?

because of me.

i refuse to let the price go up, and i won't for a while. in case you're wondering, that 10MM tokens i let ride now exceeds 13MM, simply from doing this over, and over, and over again.

i am a bagholder's worst nightmare.

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Is chainlink going to revolutionary the world?

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If you read this document you buy massive amounts of chainlink.

If you don't read, you are okay with being a nolinker and will struggle far more for your lambo.


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>gambling on shitcoins for quick, mediocre returns
Why not use etheroll? Or maybe sports betting is more your style?

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I know anon, it's sad indeed. Unfortunately most can't see the big picture and trade on emotion. The main net isn't live by eoy 2018, and it can't truly moon before then

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Is that even a question at this point?

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