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And holy shit I just realized thats a dark haired Asuka.

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>he sold?

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What's the best site for financial statements? most sites only have 3 to 5 years of data. I'd like more than that.

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Our time. com has a lot of women but they’re over 50. May be a deal breaker for you but I’m 32 and met some women there. Had to lie about my age to get on the site lol, but the women understand when I say my real age in the profile. Got tons of responses that basically said ‘you’re hot but I’m not gonna let anybody know I’m fucking someone my sons age’ ...but there are many women who simply want a young hung stud to fuck them silly and they’re open about it. Last year I met ten women on that site and got tons of dinners, sex and even a used ‘worthless ex-husbands’ car that I just sold for 6 grand. Keep looking and good luck.

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OP doesn’t know about Jews, Jesuits, One Party and Central Banking

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>*misuses a bunch of buzz words to sound smart*
So this is the power of Jewniversity.
How much did you pay to be a pathetic brainlet?

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