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9 more days until MOASS starts. I will make sure to eliminate every last mosquito on the planet even if it is the last thing I do.


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>we just keep dumping

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>Hold for a year and a half
>through ever. single. failed happening.
>new Dami chick telling me to be patient (fuck off)
>RC's latest tweet telling me to not only hold longer, but tells me to do more work after I voted, DRSed and did countless other things

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>and there it is
There what is? The fact that there's "1 Trillion$ worth of BTC" doesn't mean you've added 1Trillion$ worth of goods/services to the economy. It means you've stolen 1Trillion$ from the economy.
>You're an advocate of money printing so of course you would say that.
What the fuck are you talking about? People who make crypto coins are literally just money printers themselves!
>inb4 nu-uh, they have a set amount of how many coins are created!
Ok, so the few people who got in on crypto early and accumulated a stash of coins are extremely wealthy compared to everyone else still. You're completely missing the point. It doesn't solve the "money printing" problem in the slightest. It just creates a new class of "money printers".
Someone who creates a crypto and then becomes a Billionaire$ doesn't solve the problem of people getting rich without working, does it?

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maybe i can still afford a rope. why did i have to sleep through .08.

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which of you retarded niggers is selling at 5, holy fucking shit. might as well kill yourself you fucks

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>bought 1k at .073 fucking why

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you and what army bucko

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Bought LINK during pre-sale, I had 43 ETH but I only put 3 ETH into it and nothing else since then. I only have 8000 LINK now.

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I sold 1600 linkies at 13.01 and now it will never be below 13 dollars a linkie ever again. You're welcome.

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