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either we are continuing this shit or its over. i tend to think we are still in a bull market. in that case we should go at least another 2x. thoughts?

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Oh, bro, I'm not really the one to give tips, I've mostly been following my intuition. I'm sure there are many other anons who are better qualified to give advice. Stonks always go up so if you are invested in established companies I would always hold, I've been switching my positions pretty frequently to see where I am most comfortable, made small gains of ONTX because I recognized catalysts and sold before news just in case. Messed up with PLUG today as I sold during the dip, for a profit nonetheless, but I would have made more if my hands were stronger. I need to do more DD but between schoolwork, work, and the gf I just feel like I don't have time. That's probably just an excuse and I hope I will overcome it and really start to do some due diligence instead of just going off gut feelings. TMDX seems smart to me, and the shill sounds like he is a good guy and knows what he is talking about, again that's just my intuition and gut feelings so don't take my advice if you're not ready to lose everything. SALT seems like a good play just based on the fact they beat earnings and just have to keep it up through corona and increase profitability. Honestly, if you have the cash semiconductors seems like the best play. All in all, just browse SMG and use common sense to find out what has the best chance of succeeding, that's what I've been doing and although it takes some time to filter through the tripfag bs it seems to be working.

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I just wish I had some more info about the industries I want to invest in. You think I would know something about any field after being in school for business for three years but I don't. I'll just have to jazz myself up and learn about the shipping industry I guess.

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The good things pending for ONTX is pretty damn nice. Just gotta deal with the pain from all the games and china virus fears first. Look at the investor dec 2019.pdf on the site. Decide for yourself. The hasty conference on Feb 11 kinda signals something good. You don't put yourself in a public setting like this for bad shit you know. Also uh have any fat cat investor groups bailed yet? No, if anything more are showing up. Then you've got more annalist jumping into it. So ONTX is starting to get noticed. Good things are seemingly ahead. If you got the stomach to deal with the games being played first and the china virus fear.

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