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it feels strange to think, we are still early, since we are used to reading about it since 2008. but we are also in a cloud of people, that are naturally more into this. so it feels like everybody knows about crypto. but comparing this to the outside 4c world, nobody fucking knows. so yeah, feels strange, but i guess we are still early and hodling some of the big player coins wont harm you. hoping for the 200 k btc shot in the next years feels crazy to think about, but well, crypto is simply not known to normies. its slowly starting with paypals move to give normies coins with a simple click. we early. domes of pleasure and being neo-upperclass is prohecy becoming true.

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>rich ignorance
okay i understand now. yeah maybe at some point you are saturated and dont want to see in the higher ups, how fucked up the world really is. bliss ignorance, you are right

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haha, havent seen this one before. hes really mystical.
take this updated spaceapubutt

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lel is this some kind of group fren project? somebody added the bong. so i did something to fren.

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